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All About Leather!


The Whistler Leather Collection

These soft finish top grain leathers have a beautiful sanded velvety flat plush finish enhancing their organic nature. The highs and lows of the variegated marbling offer beautiful movement to the colouring. These are recommended for medium high traffic as they lack the glossy protective surface. The soft flat surface is great for being scratch resistant.





The Banff Leather Collection

These hand distressed top grain leathers have a satin finish and a natural grain. They bring a casual relaxed vibe to the furniture they envelop. They are recommended for high traffic. Their satin finish is very wipeable and also resistant to scratching.



The Cigar Leather Collection

These leathers have a rich hand waxed patina giving them a crisp polished surface. They offer feelings of antiqued elegance. They are named for the cigar lounges and men’s studies that made them both famous and so sought after. Often referred to as saddle leathers, these leathers will show wear and use taking on a life of their own. When a truly grand look is needed, these deliver that next level stature. They have a semi-gloss finish that is easily wipeable. They are recommended for medium high traffic.



The Buckskin Leather Collection

This very thick top grain leather shows off all the markings that naturally occur, from barb wire markings to scars. This natural leather is often referred to as “Raw Leather” or “Leather Jacket Leather”. It is beloved and sought after by leather lovers for its uniqueness and true character. This leather is a living surface. Meaning this leather will show wear, scratches and patina as you use it. It is an unprotected leather, so avoid red wine or similar spills. This leather is for people that want to show off its character. These are recommended for medium traffic.



The Carrara Leather Collection

This beautiful Italian top grain leather gets its name for the deep marbled two-tones that it displays. Is has been buffed to a buttery smooth surface and then finished in an eye catching semi-gloss finish to highlight the marbling. They are very wipeable and are recommended for high traffic.



The Roma Leather Collection

This quintessential collection of leathers is both timeless and sleek. These European top grain leathers come in a variety of beautiful solid colors. They are buffed until they are buttery smooth and are protected with a timeless satin finish. They are very wipeable and are recommended for high traffic.



The Maximus Leather Collection

These are extra thick European top grain leathers. They show off their raised natural grain embossed on the surface using heat. This not only creates a beautiful feel, but acts like rebar to give them an even more hearty rigidity, wearability and finish. The collection is made up of bold solid colors and has a natural satin finish. These leathers are a great choice for high traffic.

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All About Leather!